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Enhancing online shopping experience
Why do you choose an online store? Of course, there are several reasons like you do not want to find yourself in a traffic jam or you are not interested in visiting several shops while you do not find the products of your choice.
We would say that with us, you can sit in your home comfortably and at the same time, you may have an enjoyable shopping experience. It is possible with IQMalls that is a top-class online store because of our business ethics and quality of services.

IQMalls is a trusted online shopping portal With Multi-vendor platform Owned by 4Seas General Trading LLC that is engaged in providing all the essential things you need in daily life. We have a vast range of brands and products in our online shop and waiting for your visits.
Our online store has every feature that is required to feel perfect satisfaction while you decide to shop online.
We have covered the products related to fashion, beauty care, sports, babies, home & furniture and many more categories.

Branded products
If you visit our online shop, you are going to find only branded products when you purchase perfumes, cosmetics, footwear, clothes, furniture items, toys and other products of your needs. We are functioning in association with famous brands and enjoying a healthy relationship with a number of dealers and manufacturers according to a perfect purchase – sale model.

Affordable cost
Our respected customers visit us repeatedly because we sell our products at a reasonable price. It clearly means that our customers get a fair deal by choosing us as the service provider.

Our values
We believe in providing the best level of comfort and ease to the customers. It means we would never compromise with the quality in terms of authentic products, comfortable terms and conditions, smooth navigation and 24 / 7 hours support

Vision and Mission
We are Dubai based emerging ecommerce business and from the day of the establishment of our online shop, we have the single aim to serve our customers with a high grade of integrity and responsibility. We never deviate from the principles we have set for our business model. We aspire to be a trusted and high-quality online store in near future and working day and night to fulfill our customer’s demand.

Safety and security
Our website is a perfect place for online shopping because we follow strict security rules to make all the transactions absolutely safe for the customers.

Customer service
Our support team is ready to hear from you whenever you need us. If you have any complaints, we are quick to solve the issues because we believe in customer-centric approach.